• Epicel : A nutrient mobilizer to enhance productivity of land



    In order to improve productivity, efficient use of these nutrients is achieved by Epicel. It mobilizes the fixed nutrients and makes them available to the crop. A completely water-soluble product that can be applied near root zone in multiple ways to achieve enhancement in crop productivity.


    For any crop growing on the soil, Epicel is a unique solution to achieve enhancement of farmer’s income.

  • XScalent:滴水系统清洁剂,为作物,土壤和人类安全


    滴灌系统排放喷嘴以及整个年代ystem can get plugged up by the scales due to hardness of water. Quality of water used decides the kind & extent of plugging of the system. A safest solution to get rid of this problem is Xscalent. Xscalent is safe for farmers, drip systems as well as crops. It can be used on standing crops too. Removal and replacement of end caps or pipeline is not necessary. Xscalent has no phytotoxicity and does not harm soil. It is the product which can clean inline drippers too.

  • Bioculum AW : Culture to convert agri-waste to compost without weed and insects.


    Bioculum Aw是一种微生物文化,专门为有氧过程而专门开发的农业废物的有氧分解。它含有微生物,以促进农业废物的生物转化迅速稳定生物稳定的堆肥。营养丰富的堆肥与正确的C:n比率可以在一个月内生产。



  • Bioculum Msw:文化在短时间内将城市浪费转换为堆肥

    Biological Inoculant for City Waste

    Most of the solid waste collected by Municipalities comprises degradable organic components. If they are allowed to degrade naturally, they can emit odour and help pathogens grow to cause health risk. This hazard to urban population needs to be controlled by aerobic decomposition of the organic waste. Aerobic decomposition of Municipal Organic waste is best managed by Bioculum-MSW. Bioculum-MSW is combination microbes’ culture specially developed to treat all kind of organic substances usually found in city waste.

    Special process developed by Excel Industries Ltd. Can complete the process in about 18 days and the compost can then be cured for next 10 to12 days.


  • 疱疹:一种漂亮的乳液,可以用造型和喷涂不含昆虫的新鲜乳液


    天然精油的乳液,产生宜人的香料,可用作喷雾或作为表面涂抹液体。它必然会通过其自然性和香味来排斥飞虫。Excel Industries Ltd.提供高度浓缩的配方,以便为更长的时间提供性能。澳门金沙城开户澳门金沙国际在线开户

  • Sanitteat:来自有机来源的气味气味掩蔽溶液


    Odour forming organic matter can be taken care by Sanitreat ® .. Dusting of 5 gm of Sanitreat ® on a sq.ft. of surface can trap the odour below the layer of Sanitreat ®.

    Any garbage dump or rotting organic body can be masked for odour with Sanitreat ® . Till the time the source of odour is covered by Sanitreat ® odour does not escape .


  • Richcel - 生物成因:富含微生物的卷曲,以获得更好的富含土地和生产力

    Compost enriched with beneficial microbes' - A FCO Compliant product

    为了提供有机碳,通过有机形式的有益营养物质回到土壤,通过Excel Industries Ltd.制造特殊的营养堆肥。在土壤制剂期间和在密集种植过程中,堆肥有助于提高作物的健康和生产力。澳门金沙城开户澳门金沙国际在线开户特殊的微生物有助于固定氮气和溶质磷以增强营养吸收。

    Excel Industries Ltd.澳门金沙国际在线开户澳门金沙城开户的特殊产品旨在为农民提供巨大的利益。一个尝试它一次的人应始终依赖Richcel-Bioenreiched。


  • Richcel - 舞会:磷富含有机肥

    磷酸盐富有的有机粪便 - 符合FCO兼容的产品


    富含碳,磷和其他有机形式营养素的堆肥。Richcel-Prom非常强大的有机形式组合,可以比无机肥料更好地工作,因此为农民提供最佳回报。Excel Industries Ltd.澳门金沙国际在线开户澳门金沙城开户的特殊产品旨在为农民提供巨大的利益。

    One who tries it once shall always rely on Richcel-PROM

  • Celjal : A solution to problematic water in agriculture


    All over India, Water availability for agri applications is best during monsoon .All other times, it is through ground water. Ground water has many problems which affect efficacy of agricultural inputs negatively and farmer is at a loss.

    Celjal is the solution to restore the performance of agri inputs like fungicides, weedicides, pesticides, bio-stimulants etc.

    以1ml /升水的速度,恢复通过水送出的Agri产品的效率。


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